The heads of the economic development departments of the districts of Leipzig, Central Saxony and Northern Saxony will meet on 22 March to exchange information on location marketing measures and regional value chains within the framework of the regional budget project.

The three districts want to strengthen the implementation of their regional budgets and explore future cooperation. The focus of the meeting in the premises of the Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig project agency is therefore the search for synergies in the implementation of the individual measures of the regional budget in the individual districts. The district of Central Saxony has been using the regional budget since 2017 and can therefore share its years of experience in the successful implementation of the measures with the other districts.

The initiation of regional value chains and entrepreneurial networks has already produced initial results. For example, over 120 companies are involved in the regional network with the exhibition and brochure “ProduktSCHAU … was es in Mittelsachsen alles gibt”.The district of Leipzig has only recently started the project and the district of North Saxony plans to implement it in the course of the year.

The aim of the regional budget is to improve regional cooperation and regional marketing. The funding from the programme Joint Task “Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure” offers the participating districts the opportunity to implement individual measures to strengthen the business location.

Photo: Ute Schladitz (Head of the Office for Economic Development and Agriculture, District of North Saxony), Gesine Sommer (Head of the Office of the District Administrator for Economic Development / District Development, District of Leipzig), Silvana Rückert (Managing Director of Aufbauwerk), Kerstin Kunze (Head of the Department for Economic Development and District Development, District of Central Saxony).