On March 23, the partners of the project “Mining / Hornictví SN-CZ” met for an on-site visit to Freiberg in Saxony for a substantive exchange between the representatives of the authorities concerned with mining in the Czech Republic and Germany.

The visit of the Czech delegation started with a presentation of the Saxon Upper Mining Authority on various rehabilitation works in the Freiberg area. This was followed by a discussion between the partners on various mining issues in Saxony and the Czech Republic. Business representatives from both sides also had their say.

After a joint lunch at Freudenstein Castle, project partners visited the “Terra Mineralia” museum and were able to marvel at minerals, gemstones and meteorites from all over the world.

The project partners initiated the project “Mining / Hornictví SN-CZ” to address challenges such as the economic importance of raw materials and the social and ecological consequences of mining across borders. Through the joint activities in the project, the mining authorities of both countries want to intensify cooperation. To this end, they are developing joint guidelines for cross-border coordination and institutional cooperation with the involvement of mining companies, technical experts, scientists and communities affected by mining.

During the exchange of knowledge and experience on mining practice and mining administration, the project partners will focus in particular on issues relating to approval procedures for mining projects, mining supervision, and hazard prevention and remediation of the legacy of disused mines. The project activities include the writing of technical papers, the organization of mutual visits with technical discussions as well as joint technical excursions.


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