From now on, citizens as well as clubs, associations, schools, kindergartens, and other institutions can participate in the REVIERPIONIER ideas competition with their ideas for structural transformation in the lignite mining region of Saxony-Anhalt. Applications can be submitted until March 12, 2023. A total of one million euros in prize money is available.

The “Structural Transformation in the Central German Region” office of the State Chancellery and Ministry of Culture launched the REVIERPIONIER ideas competition in 2022 in line with the state motto #moderndenken to promote the structural transformation in the lignite mining region of Saxony-Anhalt and especially the involvement of civil society.

Dr. Reiner Haseloff, Prime Minister of the State of Saxony-Anhalt: “We can only manage the structural transformation and the accompanying transformation process profitably with the people on site. I therefore cordially invite everyone: Let’s shape our homeland together!”

Dr. Jürgen Ude, State Secretary for Structural Transformation, adds: “With the participation format REVIERPIONIER, we invite intelligent minds and innovative idea givers to present their ideas for the structural transformation in the lignite mining region of Saxony-Anhalt. I am very much looking forward to many great visions of the future.”

Interested citizens, clubs, associations, chambers, foundations, social carriers, universities, schools, kindergartens as well as municipal and scientific institutions from the districts of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Burgenlandkreis, Mansfeld-Südharz, Saalekreis and the city of Halle can submit their projects via an online form at during the six-week application phase from January 27 to March 12, 2023.

After preliminary evaluation by the project team, a broadly composed jury made up of representatives of local governments, youth parliaments, business and trade unions, schools and universities, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, culture, volunteers and the state government as well as other important civil society actors will select the competition entries worthy of recognition.

In June 2023, the award winners will be announced. The payout of the prize money will also start from June 2023. A financial contribution of one’s own is not required. If awarded, the implementation of the project must demonstrably begin in 2023 and be finally completed by May 31, 2024.


Projects can be submitted in three categories:

REVIERGESTALTEN: In this category, community is at the forefront. The search is for project ideas that improve the quality of life in the Central German Region of Saxony-Anhalt and strengthen civil society engagement and understanding for a sustainable future.

ZUKUNFTGESTALTEN: The search is for project ideas by and for children and young people. The focus of this category is on the subjects of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology (STEM), social affairs, crafts, sports, and culture. Minors can submit their ideas with the support of an adult representative.

GRÜNDERGESTALTEN: This category supports start-ups in the pre-founding phase. The search is for innovative and novel approaches to structural and climate protection. Regional focus and degree of innovation play a special role in these business ideas.

Prize Levels

Within the competition, the submitted projects are distinguished by their size into “small”, “medium” and “large”. The maximum prize money in the small prize category is 4,500 euros, in the medium category 12,000 euros and for large project ideas 21,000 euros. The GRÜNDERGESTALTEN category includes prize money of a flat rate of 6,000 euros.

Further information and online application:

The REVIERPIONIER project team can be reached at or 0341/600 16 270. Detailed information on the competition and application at


Disclaimer: This is a repost from the Staatskanzlei Sachsen-Anhalt