Together with its partners from the ReSQuE 2.0 project, Aufbauwerk is planning a new project for counselling and qualifying refugees for the labour market within the framework of the “WIR – Networks integrate refugees into the regional labour market” funding call.

The successful work of the ReSQuE 2.0 project is to be continued, but at the same time a new focus is to be set. It is planned to include young people from the age of 15, and the new project will also focus on employability. It is also worth mentioning that the new project will also provide individual counselling for refugees with disabilities and psychological trauma in order to find suitable offers for them.

In the weeks leading up to 30 May, Aufbauwerk will work closely with its partners on the application. Together we are very motivated to continue the successful cooperation of the last 14 years in the Leipzig region.

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