The Interreg Europe project E-MOB is organizing a high-level dissemination event titled “Electrifying Europe: Regional Policies and Strategies as Key Drivers of E-Mobility” in Sibiu, Romania on May 11, 2023. The event will bring together a diverse group of e-mobility experts, stakeholders, and project partners to discuss the role of regional strategies in promoting e-mobility.

One highlight of the event will be a panel discussion on “The role of regional policies in promoting e-mobility in Europe,” which will feature project partners and prominent experts from across Europe. The discussion will examine how regional policies can help promote the adoption of sustainable mobility and public transportation.

The dissemination event promises to be an engaging platform for participants to exchange knowledge, network, and collaborate to create a more sustainable future. It provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the impact and success of the E-MOB project and its contribution to promoting e-mobility in European regions.

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The agenda can be accessed here.