On May 11, 2023, the closing conference of the E-MOB project (Integrated Measures for Promoting e-Mobility in European Regions) took place at the Municipal Stadium Sibiu in Romania. The event was organized by the Regional Development Agency Centru (ADRC) in partnership with the city of Sibiu.

During the opening of the event, distinguished representatives from politics and academia provided an insightful overview of the E-MOB project and the state of electromobility in Sibiu. The proceedings commenced with brief presentations by notable figures such as Adrian Bibu, the public administrator of the Sibiu region, Simion Cretu, the head of ADRC, Astrid Fodor, the mayor of Sibiu, Sorin Radu, the director of the local university, and Rob Wessel, the project manager at Aufbauwerk.

In their speeches, they emphasized the significance of E-MOB for the sustainable development of the region and praised the achievements made thus far. The role of collaboration among various partners was highlighted, underscoring the positive impact of E-MOB on the local economy and environment.

Mayor Astrid Fodor proudly showcased the “Green Line” project in the historic center, which has become a flagship example of environmentally friendly public transportation. She emphasized the adaptability of the electric minibusses to the narrow streets of the old town and highlighted the positive effects on air quality and the overall quality of life for residents. Furthermore, she reported on the progress made in expanding the electric bus network to additional routes, improving connectivity between various districts and the Dumbrava Forest, a popular recreational area in Sibiu.Rob Wessel, the project manager at Aufbauwerk, provided a positive assessment of the project, emphasizing the collaboration with local partners and authorities. He stressed the importance of continuing on the current path and implementing further measures to promote electromobility, ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility in Sibiu and beyond.

Additionally, a panel discussion took place with project partners from Austria, Hungary, Greece, and Romania. Representatives from these countries exchanged experiences and best practices in the field of electromobility. Various topics were discussed, including challenges in electric vehicle infrastructure, the promotion of electromobility through governmental measures, the integration of renewable energy into the charging network, and raising public awareness of the benefits of electromobility. The panel discussion provided participants with a valuable opportunity to learn from one another and develop joint solutions for promoting electromobility in their respective regions.

To conclude the event, guests were invited to experience a ride on the Green Line minibusses themselves and witness the advantages of electromobility firsthand.

Abschließend wurden die Gäste eingeladen, eine Fahrt mit den Minibussen der Grünen Linie zu unternehmen und sich selbst von den Vorteilen der Elektromobilität zu überzeugen.

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