E-mobility has a great potential to improve our environment. The 9 partners of the E-MOB project representing 8 European regions at different stages of e-mobility development, but they all share the vision that e-mobility represents the future of mobility: a clean, quiet, advanced technology, combined with power, speed and lots of fun. E-MOB stands for Integrated actions towards enhanced e-mobility in European Regions and aims at enhancing e-mobility solutions in regional passenger transport systems through coordinated policy learning and planning. As an ambitious target, the partners strive for influencing in total more than 26 million EUR of Structural and other Funds through 8 policy instruments to be revised in the frame of a series of peer reviews and learning conferences.

Based on the outcomes of this interregional learning process (good practices and policy recommendations), the partners jointly elaborated Action Plans for the improved implementation of the selected 4 Structural Fund Programmes and 4 other policy instruments. Actors of regional relevance are involved in the whole procedure, being invited in the interregional learning and action planning process. The engagement of stakeholders is facilitated by 8 Regional Stakeholder Groups (RSG). Members of the RSG – together with interested municipalities – have also the possibility to improve their capacities in turning the policies concerned into actions. Partners elaborated this E-MOB Guideline and organised regional workshops through Phase 1 of the project from August 2019 to July 2022. This coordinated interregional learning contributes to plan and implement concrete measures and projects in the field of e-mobility, bringing tangible results to the participating regions.

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