As part of the European AMIF project EU-Belong, Aufbauwerk, in cooperation with the Adult Education Association of Saxony, has conducted online training on intercultural challenges and opportunities in labour market integration for multipliers.

Anyone with questions about intercultural competence, reflecting on one’s own prejudices, questioning techniques to ensure understanding and simple language can use the content of the events “Alles (nur) Kultur? Concepts, models and examples for everyday work” on 09.11.2022 and “Confident and culturally sensitive counselling” on 15.11.2022 online.

Learning material on the topic: It’s all about culture – terms, models and examples for everyday working life
Learning material on the topic: Confident and culturally sensitive in counselling interviews

On the website of the province of Salzburg (Austria) you can find further information in German on “Flight – Causes, Challenges and Approaches to Solutions” and “Migration in Words and Pictures: How much do we communicate at eye level?”. These are past online trainings of our partner region Salzburg in the EU-Belong project.

A first overview of the basics of interculturality and intercultural competence was given in an introductory, supra-regional online training as part of the EU-Belong project. A recording is available in English.