In its first competition year, the REVIERPIONIER Idea Competition, launched by the State Chancellery and Ministry of Culture in 2022, has met with great response from the public and civil society actors. In total, over 300 project ideas for structural development in the Saxony-Anhalt district were submitted.

Prime Minister Dr. Reiner Haseloff explains: “I would like to thank all participants for their numerous ideas for a successful transformation process. Each individual can make a difference with their idea and successfully shape the future in the district. I am already looking forward to personally meeting the award winners at our gala event in September.”

Dr. Jürgen Ude, State Secretary for Structural Change, adds: “In the REVIERGESTALTEN category, we received almost 200 submissions, the most. I am particularly pleased about this, as this category focuses on community, social engagement, and awareness of a sustainable future.”

In the category for and by children and young people, ZUKUNFTGESTALTEN, a total of over 90 project ideas were submitted. The GRÜNDERGESTALTEN category recorded 25 business ideas during the six-week application period.

“We are pleased about the diverse projects and the great response to the REVIERPIONIER. The submissions testify to the wealth of ideas and the will to shape the future of civil society in the Saxony-Anhalt coal district. The local people know exactly how they want to shape their region for the future and actively participate in the structural change,” says project leader Annett Kautz from the Metropolitan Region of Central Germany.

A broadly based jury consisting of representatives from local authorities, youth organizations, businesses, trade unions, schools and universities, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, culture, volunteers and the state government, as well as other important civil society actors, will select the award-worthy competition entries in the coming weeks. The winners and the payout of the prize money will be announced in June. All awarded projects will be recognized at the ceremonial award ceremony in September.