Already on 27.06.2022 the European partners from the e-mobility project E-Mob were in Leipzig for a peer review.

Mobility expert Christoph von Radowitz gave the representatives of regional development agencies, municipalities and transport companies from Austria, Romania, Hungary, France, Croatia, Greece and Spain an introduction to the topic of “Sustainable mobility in Leipzig” at the beginning of the meeting. Differences and similarities were analyzed in an intensive discussion.

Afterwards, the guests tested e-mobility on their own bodies and took the e-bus line 89 to Connewitzer Kreuz. There, the charging infrastructure of the buses was presented and questions were answered by the bus drivers. Afterwards, the partners were introduced to the Leipzig concept of mobility stations.

After a break, the project participants met in the evening for a joint final dinner in Auerbachs Keller.

Aufbauwerk would like to thank all participants and is looking forward to the next meeting within the framework of E-Mob.

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