Aufbauwerk has submitted three project applications on behalf of its shareholders for the new funding call of the transnational EU programme Interreg Europe. In this way, Aufbauwerk wants to continue to bring new approaches to the Leipzig region in the coming years and to carry successful practices from the region to Europe.

Together with partners from Portugal, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Finland and Ireland, Aufbauwerk wants to continue its successful work from the Interreg projects DEMO-EC and E-Mob. The project will focus on the integration of public transport into urban mobility systems.

Aufbauwerk will also join actors from Spain, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia and Croatia and participate as a new partner in a continuation of the successful Bio-Gov project. The project’s approach attempts to improve regional policy by promoting awareness of the importance of adequate tree and forest cover in reversing biodiversity loss and reducing climate change.

Aufbauwerk is also part of a consortium with partners from Italy, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark and Finland that is working on the disposal of e-waste. The project proposal will bring together partners with different WEEE collection rates and share best practices to improve the environmental and economic impacts of WEEE.

Aufbauwerk looks forward with confidence to the selection process that now lies ahead. Together with the partners from all over Europe, we hope for a positive response from the funding authority in Lille (France).