This year, the city of Leipzig was awarded the funding for the project “Zukunftsfähige Zentren Leipzig (ZZL)” (Sustainable Centers Leipzig) as part of the federal program “Zukunftsfähige Innenstädte und Zentren” (Sustainable Inner Cities and Centers).  The project has already started in September 01, 2022.

The project will be implemented in 22 interdepartmental and interagency sub-projects by 2025. Other partners such as the adult education center, the music school, the opera, the Museum of Fine Arts, the City History Museum, the city sanitation department, LTM GmbH and the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) are participating in the projects. However, Aufbauwerk is also involved in the subprojects subsidy accounting/organization and “Zweite Liebe” department store.

In the “Second Love” department store sub-project, it is planned to open a department store in an unused retail space yet to be determined, under the leadership of the Stadtreinigung Leipzig (Leipzig City Sanitation Department), in order to offer recyclable, reusable and recyclable products from the recycling centers and to raise awareness of the issues of environmental protection, climate protection, resource conservation and the circular economy (reuse and recycle). By bundling a wide variety of municipal actors and companies in a joint cooperation to revitalize the content of the department store (waste management companies, crafts, art/design, retail, socio-cultural clubs, associations) and by reletting the store, the main topics Reduce, Repaer, Rethink will be represented. A key focus of the department store is to offer Leipzig residents a meaningful, inspiring place where they can experience the city’s zero-waste strategy.

In the sub-project “Funding Accounting/Organization”, Aufbauwerk is responsible for the financial processing and proper administration of the subsidies for the entire project.

More Information you can found here.

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